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Easy Go Back is a free Internet Explorer add-on developed by UnH Solutions
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Easy Go Back is a free Internet Explorer add-on developed by UnH Solutions and published by BrowserTools.net. This extension will allow you to enhance your Internet browsing experience by adding extended functionality to your mouse movements (also called gestures) and buttons.

With Easy Go Back you can navigate the browser back and forward with intuitive mouse movements. You can go back in your browsing by pressing and holding down the right mouse button, and then moving the mouse cursor to the left (backward) and finally releasing the mouse button. Another option is to move the cursor to the right (it means forward, doing it with the mouse of course) and Internet Explorer goes one page forward.

There are some additional features in Easy Go Back that makes Internet browsing experience even more easier. Opening a link in a new window no longer requires to hold the Shift key or right-click the link, you can just click the middle button (wheel button) of your mouse to open the link in a new window.

Instant Menu unique capabilities are also included in Easy Go Back. These enable you to rapidly close or minimize the top window, open another browser window or switch between windows no matter whether you are using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

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